Eva Pigford Plays Second Fiddle to Derek J’s Beauty!

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We see you Derek, smiling with them eyes

Do not attempt to adjust your computer monitors. Do yourself a favor for the day and embrace all of the ravishing glory exuding from the radiant pout-faced beauty pictured above; and his date Eva Pigford. Atlanta native Derek J laced up his favorite stillettos paired with Saturday night’s metallic hotpants and strutted his stuff at the premiere for season two of Hair Battle Spectacular in New York City! The original Mr. J was accompanied by the top graduate from Tyra Banks’ school of fierceness, Eva “the Diva” Pigford. Peep more of the pics from the event when you click read more.

The smirk on Derek’s face is him trying not to laugh at Eva’s pathetic attempts to upstage him in her dress that she bedazzled all by herself before making the appearance. We’re kidding! Eva looks amazing as always and the dress is more than flattering.

We’ve never watched the show ourselves but apparently Eva will join the panel of judges alongside Derek as contestants cut, comb, weave and sew for the grand prize at the end of the reality competition show.  Do any of you watch the show? Stay tuned later this year when Eva’s dress will get a second chance at life when it becomes an ornamental piece at the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony this holiday season!

Derek did you ever think about wrestling part time…we’re just saying

Tyra taught you well

Eva is such a darling

Well alright then…

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