Even Common Can Not Make Sense of Donald Trump Media Coverage!

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Common was on HuffPostLive on Monday and discussed how the media has been covering presidential candidate Donald Trump. He feels the media has lost its integrity when it comes to how much attention the real estate mogul has gotten.

I feel like the integrity of the media is gone in many areas because when you choose to just be like, ‘Ok, we’re gonna show this Donald Trump because we know it’s about numbers…It’s about numbers. It’s like where is the integrity of the journalists who know and will challenge these thoughts so that the American people can see truth and really have a good opportunity to get behind someone who’s going to matter, who’s going to really be about affecting change and improving this country.

There is a very strong point made in the statement. Having honest and truthful discussions help develop a real political thought process. When the media begins to cover one candidate over another due to scandals and sensationalism you engage in a circus just trying grab ratings. To which Common added:

If it so happened to be a Donald Trump, which I don’t believe it’s that person, then let the people decide that. But don’t just like dwell on the spotlight and just keep exploiting the popularity of ’em just for numbers because eventually that’s just gonna mess up the situation in the country if we do

Presidential campaigning should be a ratings boost enough, but if the media is choosing their own delegates to promote, that is very problematic. Hopefully, as the time gets closer to the election, then what the candidates have to say on real issues becomes the focal point. Then, the media will shy away from the antics that tend to take place during the primaries.

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