Exclusive Footage: Judge Issues Official Ruling in Ludacris Custody Battle..Everyone’s A Winner!

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In a high-profile custody trial that involved 3-time Grammy winner Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges, a Fulton County Georgia judge has issued her ruling that gave the celebrity primary physical custody while Tamika Fuller shares joint custody with the rapper. Judge Doris Downs decided in her ruling that Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges has the financial wherewithal to better care for their daughter Cai Bella Bridges. Judge Downs was very careful to point out that her decision didn’t mean that either party was a bad parent however Bridges has demonstrated that he could be the best caregiver for daughter Cai Bella Bridges.

Judge Downs however departed from the Guardian Ad Litem recommendation where she stated in her report that baby Cai should remain with the mother until she was 5-years of age. That decision by the judge might be a reason why mother Tamika Fuller doesn’t fully support the ruling.

In an official statement given exclusively to Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine by Fuller’s attorney Lisa West, she stated the following:

“While Ms. Fuller is joyous that the court granted her joint legal custody and joint physical custody of the parties’ 13-month-old daughter, she is devastated (and quite perplexed) that the court designated Mr. Bridges as primary physical custodian. Despite this unexpected result, Ms. Fuller will continue to focus on her role as mother to their precious daughter and as co-parent to Mr. Bridges and awaits the time that the pain of today’s decision subsides. She expresses her gratitude to all of those who have supported her during this difficult period.”

We asked attorney West whether she intended to file an appeal of the judge’s ruling and she stated that would be a decision she would have to discuss with her client.

Check back soon as we release some of the witnesses video testimony which will include rapper/actor Ludacris

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    As far as this ruling, Hip Hop, can you tell us what Mr. Bridges said? Is he going to make her pay child support? I want to know how Tamika is going to afford to pay her attorney? I bet you both Lisa and Tamika was counting on a payday.

  3. TaShawna says:

    Hip Hop needs to put a message on their video, “Please do not steal our videos use the embedded code instead” something like that.
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