Exclusive Interview: Attorney Eboni K. Williams Believes Bill Cosby Will Lose Trial and Bill Maher Use of “N” Word Was Just Wrong

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Hip Hop Enquirer’s Dennis Byron sat down with the new co-host Eboni K. Williams of the now Curtis & Eboni Show on a live Google Hangout to talk about some current and trending news topics. During the interview, the two touched on the very controversial Bill Cosby Rape Trial & Keisha Knight Pulliam’s questionable appearance at the trial, James Comey’s Senate Intelligence Hearing testimony, Black Lives Matter Segregated Memorial Day For Blacks Only and how talk show host Lisa Durden annihilated Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his own show.

Williams is and was originally known for serving as a defense attorney best known for her contributions on “The Fox News Specialists”.  She recently announced that she would be replacing renowned Civil Rights attorney Ron Kuby and joining Guardian Angels Leader Curtis Silwa on the WABC radio talk show. Her first day on the job was last Monday and she says that they got off to a good start together and it was “rocking and rolling”.

The first topic that Mr. Byron and Eboni spoke about was Bill Maher’s recent use of the “N” word live on air over the weekend. Bill Maher is the host of his show called “Real Time with Bill Maher” and on his show this weekend he uttered a racial slur known as deeply offensive in the African-American community. He was making a joke that seemed to go too far when talking about being a “house n*gger”. Mr. Byron asked Eboni about what happened on her show when discussing the matter and the situation didn’t go over so well with the co-host.

“I am a black person in this country who does not like the N word. I don’t give a damn who you are. I don’t want it used whatsoever by anybody black, white, brown, or purple.”, she went on to say, “The casual way in which he said it really was disturbing to me too like that’s just how he speaks all the time and again, I’m not here for it.”

Catch the segment below:

She goes on further about the topic and explains how she feels that the black community needs to be more socially responsible and not let just anyone use the word however they please. She wants the word to not be used at all anymore period.

The next topic that the two delve into is Keshia Knight Pulliam’s recent appearance alongside Bill Cosby in his sexual assault trial where he is being accused of instances from decades ago. Pulliam’s open support and physical presence with Cosby in court sent many news outlets over the edge this week. Many were wondering how this might affect Cosby’s fate in the long run. Williams spoke about this topic on her show and says that she has her “suspicions as to why she was there.” “It also makes her relevant again. Who’s talking about Keshia Knight Pulliam but for that photo op and statement that she released next to Mr. Cosby?”

She unpacked her thoughts more and said that she feels that it was a bad move from the defense side and standpoint of things. Mr. Cosby has been usually pictured going into court looking not as joyful and alert as he was when he was pictured with a woman in her 30’s like Keisha Knight Pulliam. Williams believes that there needs to be a certain image and narrative that Cosby should try to stick to for his sake in this trial.

Outspoken talk show host Lisa Durden went toe to toe with Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a video that has since went viral when he asked her thoughts about the Black Lives Matter organization wanting to have a segregated Memorial Day Holiday in honor of people of color.

When asked about the matter, Mrs. Williams stated that she believes it was a setup segment and she didn’t want to watch it because she knew it world be a bad look. She also agrees that there is nothing wrong with segregated events like the one Black Lives Matter proposed because “This is America.”

The two decided to discuss Thursday’s Senate Intelligence hearing with fired former FBI Director James Comey. Mr. Byron felt that there were some compelling details that came from the hearing that may suggest that President Trump may have obstructed justice. However, Mrs. Williams had an alternate assessment of the testimony: “Everything he said, I pretty much anticipated and if you’ve been paying attention in this news cycle, you should have as well.”

You can check out Eboni K. Williams with Curtis Sliwa online by visiting WABC 77 in New York by clicking here.

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