Exclusive Interview: Judge Glenda Hachett Speaks on Racism, South Carolina Student Assault and Walter Scott Murder

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Honorable Judge Hachett is no stranger to the criminal justice system as she has presided over countless cases involving the youth as a Juvenile Judge in Fulton County, Ga. She spoke exclusively with HHE’s Dennis Byron about the current climate of racism across the country as well as she explained what she viewed as racism while in college and in certain times in her professional career. Judge Hachett will also be returning to television in 2016 on a show called The Verdict.


Judge Glenda Hachett with Hip Hop Enquirer’s Dennis Byron (c) 2015

Judge Hachett didn’t pull any punches when she was asked what her thoughts were when she saw like many others the assault of a high school teenager while in a classroom being manhandled by School safety officer Ben Fields who has since been terminated. She stated that she believed that if not for the efforts of courageous students, the incident would have never came to light. The killing of motorist Walter Scott was also a real issue for her as she explains in this video. This is part 1 of a 3-part interview so we hope you enjoy.

Video credit: Dennis Byron

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