Exclusive Interview: Keke Palmer Discusses Love Life Affecting Her Career

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Hip Hop Enquirer was able to speak with the star of the new movie “Brotherly Love” Keke Palmer. We spoke briefly about her role in the film and how it correlates to her personal life.

Palmer plays the character Jackie Taylor, who is the darling in the Taylor family. She is very ambitious teenager and seeks a music career while trying to experience love simultaneously. Keke states that they the two are very similar in that in the sense, “We both know what we’re passionate about.”

She also was able to talk to us about her career ever being affected by her love life. Palmer expressed that, ” Love has never really distracted me, to be honest. I think I’ve always been more of a career driven type of person.” Even going as far to tell us that she may not be able to keep herself open for love.

“Am I even really keeping myself open for love? Or allowing myself to give it my all because I’m so focused on my career? I don’t know maybe it’s a Virgo thing.” said Palmer.

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