Exclusive Interview!! Music Phenomenon Laura Michelle Talks Music and Comparisons to Keri Hilson, Rihanna & Ciara plus the release of “Never Be”

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Recently we caught up with singer/songwriter and new musical phenomenon Laura Michelle for a one on one candid interview where she discussed her introduction into the music business, and comparisons with her to singers Keri Hilson, Ciara, and Rihanna. She also talked about her desire to work alongside Neyo and how Hurricane Katrina made her a stronger person. Her newest music video “Never Be” is already gaining massive play on several websites across the nation and her extraordinary beauty and passion for what she does makes her stand out amongst the many new recording artists hitting the scene in 2011. Check out her interview below:


HHE: When did you realize that you wanted to be an entertainer?

Laura Michelle: I was probably eight or nine years old when I started writing. When I was about fourteen I went to my mother and said “We have to get a vocal coach, we have to do what we have to do because this is my calling. I’m going to be an entertainer and it’s time to get started.”

HHE: How would you describe yourself as an entertainer?

Laura Michelle: Well, I grew up studying the Motown era. I also grew up studying Prince and Tina Turner, so I definitely use a lot of movement in my performances. I like to put on shows. I grew up going to Broadway plays. I listen to everything; rap, country, hip hop, pop etc. So I try to incorporate that into all of my shows. I make all my costumes, I do it all. I just like to put on a very creative show. When I first started, I had this white throne that I came out on and every time I performed I try to do something different.

HHE: Some of your fans have made a comparison with you and singers like Keri Hilson, Ciara and Rihanna with your style and energy. How would you categorize your type of music?

Laura Michelle: You are absolutely correct, if you want to just put me in a category, I would say pop which means popular music. However, at the same time, I may feel like singing an amazing ballad with an R&B vibe but you can put that all into pop music. Keri Hilson, she has an amazing style, she is an amazing writer.

Ciara is an amazing singer and dancer so I guess R&B/Pop/Hip Hop style. It’s all into what you make into good music and its all popular music. I like Techno music; it’s all just “feel-good” music. It’s R&B and Pop, its popular music; it’s all the same I think. While I believe my style is unique, I do appreciate those comparisons because those are all talented women in their own right and to be compared to them is definitely not a bad thing at all.

HHE: What have been some hurdles that you have had to overcome as an entertainer during the time you’ve been in the music business?

Laura Michelle: I’ve had so many people tell me “You’ll never make it, why don’t you be a model?” I’ve had people tell me that it’s too hard in the industry and that, “It’s a man’s world.” That’s been the craziest thing that I have heard. Through it all, I was blessed and I became strong, I can’t say that I was born with thick skin because I think that everything that I went through made me stronger and that made my skin get thicker. I went through artist development for three years in Atlanta, Georgia. Every day for six days a week and three hours a day, I was in vocal lessons, training, running up and down hills and dealing with people telling me, “You can’t do this and why would you want to do this? Why would you put yourself through this,” but this is what I was born to do. I don’t know why God would bring me into this world if I wasn’t going to do music. Music is what I do. I’ve been doing this since I was a baby and this is who Laura Michelle is. I’m not going anywhere and I’m not stopping for anyone.

lauram6HHE: In your bio, I noticed that you listed several talents. Where do you see your strongest skills and how will that transcend you into the next biggest musical sensation?

Laura Michelle: I come from an acting background as well. I started doing plays and taking dance lessons at five years old and all of my experience in those areas transcends onto my stage. When I perform, I am acting as well. I am becoming someone else. That is the thing that I love about being able to do music and being able to perform. I love that it’s ok for me to be weird. It’s ok for me to be different. It’s ok for me to be someone else and that’s what I love about it and it’s ok to create something that’s different and that’s what I love about it. I put all of that into my stage presence and into my music and everything I do.

HHE: As an artist, you have found out that there are two sides to music: there is the business side then there is the creative side. What type of team do you have on your business side to take your creative side to the next level?

Laura Michelle: All of my shows and everything that I wear, I’ve designed. All of my costumes have been designed through my LaMiche clothing line. I actually went to school for Fashion Design and I incorporate that all into LaMiche. I have control of my whole career because I’m not signed, so I’m doing everything myself. The whole creative aspect of my stage persona is from Laura Michelle! I also want to take that to other places, and go into managing a couple of models. I take control of everything. I write my own music and obviously that’s the biggest part of an artist.

I do work with other writers but my main thing is making sure that my music’s message is coming from me because at the end of the day it is about what I want and what I feel. I’ve been through a lot. So when it’s all said and done, I can be excited and happy and confident to say that I have control over Laura Michelle; her music, her business and everything else that comes with that.

HHE: Well as a veteran in the music business for many years myself, I would have to question why someone as gifted and as talented as you are would not want to have others around you who for example could help move your career along even faster like a manager. Is there a trust issue with dealing with people?

Laura Michelle: Yes, I’ve actually had a couple of managers, but in life things don’t always work out. However, I am still open to the idea of new management but as of right now, I do not have it so I have to take the reins myself and do what is necessary in order to move forward in my career. Now of course, if someone comes along with a bigger image, I would gladly take the opportunity to work with them. I’m not afraid to work with others, if someone has great ideas I’m happy to listen to them. I’m very open. I’m not closed minded. But as of right now, my mother is managing me while I don’t have a new manager. So I have to do it myself, I don’t have a choice. Of course, if someone with the proper experience comes along, I will be open to work with them.

HHE: Are there any other songwriters and producers in the industry that you would like to have access to or to work with?

lauram7Laura Michelle: As of right now, I think that Neyo is doing amazing things. Of course, if I could I would work with Smokey Robinson and other people of his stature, I absolutely would. However, as of right now I think Neyo is on top and he is very, very talented. I really appreciate his work and what he does; I would love to work with Neyo.

HHE: As someone affected by the disaster of Hurricane Katrina how have you bounced back from that whole situation and how has that changed your perspective on life and pursuing your entertainment career?

Laura Michelle: Growing up in New Orleans hasn’t always been easy. I think with Katrina everyone was affected, even if you didn’t lose your house, I believe that everyone in New Orleans, in some kind of way was affected by Hurricane Katrina. Right after Katrina, I actually left New Orleans and moved to Atlanta and that’s when I started my artist development. Once Hurricane Katrina happened, I knew I had to work hard, not just for myself, but for the city of New Orleans. I knew I had to work hard for those people who had lost their schools, who had lost their jobs and even their families. I just look at life and the world totally different. We cannot control this world and natural disasters will continue to happen all of the time. I know that I have to put one hundred percent into everything I do dealing with my music. If by pursuing music, I can touch people and do so publicly, I’m going to put one hundred percent into doing so. I only have one life to live, and I only have one family. I put one hundred percent into all of my music. The Hurricane Katrina disaster just made me more passionate about my work!

HHE: In closing, I am sure your fans want to know when they will be able to see you perform live. What are your future plans for touring and doing shows?

Laura Michelle: We are actually getting my shows together right now. We are putting a band together, which I am really excited about. I definitely will let you know all of the details at a later date. In Atlanta I’ve done a few shows. I’ve performed at the Rialto Theater and a couple other places, but right now we’re working in the studio on getting my album completed. I am really excited about putting the band together so that I can work with them and incorporate my dancers along with the music so that we can really hit our audience hard with this good music. Meanwhile, I encourage all my fans and supporters to check out my new music video entitled “Never Be” which is getting a lot of love on the internet and actually we have already received close to 15,000 plays on Worldstarhiphop.com within our first two days of its release.

To learn more about Laura Michelle and her movement, please follow her on twitter @mylauramichelle or visit her website at: www.lauramichellemusic.com

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