Exclusive Interview: Up and Coming rapper Taylor J Drops New Mixtape “Control” Today

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Big Play Entertainment recording artist Taylor J, hosted his listening party last night for his new project Control. Surrounded by close friends and family, rapper Taylor J explains why Control is going to be the heat this winter. Collaborating with such artist like Gorilla Zoe and Gucci Mane, Taylor J expects much success from this project. Success which he has been fighting hard to achieve, as an up and coming Atlanta artist. Big Play Entertainment definitely has their hands full with this focused, ambitious and talented young star. I was able to sneak in a quick interview with Taylor J and get some answers to maybe some of your questions.

HipHopEnquirer.com: What brought you to Atlanta ?

Taylor J: Being from Minnesota, I quickly learned that there isn’t a big music scene for young artist like myself. Atlanta is clearly a central station for Hip Hop Artist. I’m here to build my network and see how it plays out.

HipHopEnquirer.com: So, you think Atlanta is the best place for up and coming artist?

Taylor J: Of course! Atlanta’s the kind of place where you could accidentally meet the right person who can offset your career. I feel like if you do the proper research, you should have no problems falling into a situation.

HipHopEnquirer.com: How long were you here in Atlanta before you started seeing success?

Taylor J: About a month. I wasn’t signed yet with Big Play, but I was here recording and meeting the right the people. I didn’t sign to Big Play to a couple months later. Using twitter and connecting to people like Greg Street, I would DM (twitter micro blogging) them and let them know I’m coming to Atlanta and send them my music ahead of time. Anything to make an opportunity happen.

HipHopEnquirer.com: Which current artist do you respect the most and why?

Taylor J: I don’t respect any particular artist the most. I appreciate everybody for what they bring to the music game. But, which artist I listen to most… Kendrick Lamar. I think that he’s the most creative right now.

HipHopEnquirer.com: Being that Control drops tomorrow, what are the major differences between this mixtape and your previous projects?

Taylor J: I just feel like I had more time to perfect my craft up to this time. I had more access to things that bring out what inside of me. I’m around a lot more talented people. Before it would just be me in my basement, imagining things. It’s overall a better feeling.

HipHopEnquirer.com: Who do you think are your biggest supporters?

Taylor J: The people who are around me everyday. My closest friends and family and of course, Big Play Entertainment.

HipHopEnquirer.com: What advice would you give to up and coming artist?

Taylor J: Stay focused and committed. Don’t be too focused on things you see in the industry. Stay with it, even when it feels like its impossible to happen.

Taylor J’s mixtape Control officially drops today on datpiff.com.

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