Exclusive: Kat Stacks Talks About Her First Love And How He Tortured Her (Shocking Revelations)

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Kat Stacks, the person responsible for exposing rapper Soulja Boy for his alleged drug recently sat down with Hip Hop Weekly’s Senior Editor Cavario H. to talk about her first love and how he tortured her in their relationship. After listening to sound bites from her interview, there is little wonder why she is hell bent on exposing rappers for sleeping with her.  She tells Cavario how she was beaten in the face with a pipe and how she was abused with wire hangers. Peep the first part of a one hour interview that was done by the Raised by Wolves author below.

Kat Stacks on dabbling as a Lady of the Night:

“If I didn’t bring him any money home that was my a–. I didn’t get a slap. I didn’t get my hair pulled. This n—- would stomp my face in or he would grab poles from outside and then hit me in my face with it. He used to torture me. I got a scar on the side of my face from a Hennessy bottle, wire marks on the inside of my thighs, slices on my f—–’ thighs. I got three rip marks on my wrist from trying to kill myself ‘cause of this n—-.”

While she’s lived life on the wild side, Kat Stacks hopes women can learn from her mistakes:

“There’s a lot of girls right now, even younger [than I was] in the game, with these old-a– dirty pimps getting them pregnant but at the end at the day they stay with zero ‘cause they give them [pimps] everything. I hate seeing what these girls go through everyday ‘cause you lose your mind [and] you lose your childhood to this damn game. This game is horrible, cold-hearted and cut-throat. I’m so lucky to be alive. If I could go back I would never leave my house, ever. If girls can be like, “Oh, [Kat] made it and she was a grimy-ass n—-’s bottom bitch and she actually made it out of the game?” That like gives [other girls] strength to get the f— out!”

Source: Hip Hop Weekly Magazine & Cavario H. for getting this troubled young lady to open up!

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