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With a background in Radio and Television, Hip Hop artist Stuey Rock is no stranger to the lime light. He is currently signed to Proof Entertainment and has been doing music for eight years. Stuey Rock first belonged to a two man group named “Da Fam” which released a single called “Dat Good.” He then went solo four years ago. His solo attempt proved worth it and his musical career took flight, with songs such as “Jook It” feat. DJ Unk, “Gotta Be” with F.L.Y, “Girls Gone Wild” with Montana Da Mac and the new hit single “Shinin.”

With his new mixtape featuring Future released yesterday (June 21st 2011) he is on the road to making a huge impact on the music industry.

HipHop Enquirer caught up with Stuey Rock at his mixtape release party, to get the public better acquainted with this rising star.

HHE: How long have you been in the music business?

SR: I have been in the game for awhile, got my start in radio when I was 16. I don’t want to disclose my age or anything but I am young looking OG legend, (laughs).

HHE: How did you get your start?

SR: I got started in radio when I was 16, I did a radio commercial and the PD (Program Director) at the time was Mike Fox. He heard my voice  as a party promoter because I was promoting parties at a young age, when I was back in high school. He told me I was a natural, he really liked my voice and had I ever thought about doing radio. So I ended up doing an on air shift and then he gave me a permanent position. After that I went on to TV, was on BET, and progressed from that over the years.

HHE: So that transition from radio to music, are you trying to take the same career path as Ludacris?

SR: That’s a very honorable thing to say, you know I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am trying to do a Ludacris because I am trying to do my own thing. Ludacris was actually one of mentors and he let me know I should be doing this and doing that. Make things happen for yourself, change your name, he is actually the one that told me I should change my name when I was younger. But I am just now understanding and getting it. Sometimes you just have do things yourself to figure it out for yourself. That way you can understand what someone is really telling you. So Chris THANK YOU!

HHE: So the mix-tape is OUT. Let’s talk about the mixtape

SR: It’s a good mixtape, me and Future came together and decided to do a mixtape together and it worked out to the best. It’s an FDU FreeBandz mixtape. It’s more melodic and dealing with the ladies and things like that. Because you know I am a ladies’ man, so I wanted to do something for them.

stuey_rockStuey Rock

HHE: So where can the mixtape be downloaded from?

SR: It’s going to be on stueyrock.com, and also livemixtapes.com. Its hosted by Hood Rich DJ’s which is DJ Scream, DJ Spinz, DJ Prettyboy Tank. Those are the primary DJ’s who will be hosting this particular tape.

HHE: What other projects are you working now that the mixtape is out?

SR: I have about four other projects going on right now. I have about 2 other mixtapes already complete. With me being in the game and understanding the way it works, you definitely don’t want to flood your music too much, but you still want to put out enough to give the people something to enjoy and promote yourself. I want to put the time into every record and the records that I bump push as singles and do it like the major labels do it. Because that’s when I really know that what I’m doing, I’m really doing it right. So when I go to a label I can them I can do this, I did this, these are the numbers I did on this and these are numbers on that. This is how I did on iTunes; this is how much I am making on this website. That way they will be more receptive to saying ok, we can trust you with our money, trust you with our budget.

HHE: Is the mixtape on iTunes right now?

SR: The single is on iTunes, Shining is on iTunes, and we are doing about 300-500 sales a week. It’s been out for about 5 weeks, for being independent and having no budget behind it, I think that is pretty good. And think that is what everyone wants to know, is that can you sell? Will people go out and support you? So salute to all my aces!


HHE: So do you have any misconceptions about you right now that you would like to clear?

SR: My thing is this; ignorance is going to follow wherever you go if you successful, there are going to be people that pre-judge you that comes encounter with me understand that type of person that I am. I have never changed, I have been on TV, radio. I think I am one of the youngest and biggest radio personalities in the south. I don’t really know anyone else who has accomplished the things that I have accomplished at such a young age. Being 16 and in a top ten market and being able to hold my own against a legend like Greg Street. So I just say you can pre-judge all you want but why don’t you come and meet me? I promise you that if you meet anybody that has met me and you say something crazy, they are going to say “nah bro you tripping, that’s not him, that’s not his style.” Because I don’t want no problems I just want to do my music and love the ladies.

HHE: So you mentioned that you have worked on TV, can you elaborate on that?

SR: I was actually the host of BET’s Rap City right after Tyga. I did about 4 months with BET, a signed a contract with them, so that’s why at interviews I am so nice with them (laughs).

HHE: So do you have any final words right now for our readers? What would you like the take away to be from this interview?

SR: Live life and be free. Be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin, don’t try and be anybody you’re not. I think sometimes people invest so much time in looking at somebody else that they don’t look at themselves. Accept who you are. Be the best you!

Check out more from Stuey Rock at www.stueyrock.com and be sure to download his new mixtape from www.livemixtapes.com OUT NOW!!

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