[Exclusive] Recording Artist Boss Bundles Talks New Music, Street life, DJ Drama Collaboration and D.R.U.G.S. Clothing

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Interview Conducted by Dennis Byron and Ron Fisher

Hip Hop Enquirer recently caught up with North Carolina rapper Boss Bundles and we spoke about his journey from being the young boy who was asked to be a man at early age to his recent success in the music industry.

You can find Boss Bundles deep in the Atlanta hip hop scene nowadays, but he is rooted in the streets of Greensboro, North Carolina.  Boss Bundles tells Hip Hop Enquirer that his childhood was actually kind of rough.  His mother raised him, because his father left when he was five. “I can remember the day he left,” Boss Bundles said.  With his mother now working three jobs at times, his younger sister had to stay with his grandmother. “It was a pretty rough childhood, but I can’t complain,” says Boss Bundles.

After speaking about his childhood Boss Bundles took a moment to speak on North Carolina’s music scene.  “The music scene was good. Once we catched, it just catched, and it all locked in.  Everything was pretty much organic,” Bundles said, “A lot of good music comes out of North Carolina.” Boss Bundles went on to mention J. Cole and Little Brother from North Carolina.

When asked who actually influenced him musically growing up he said,“I grew up listening to straight hip hop, that raw hip hop. You know what I mean. I was a Tupac fan; Tupac had an influence on me.  Jay Z, I liked Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube.”  “I wrote my first rap when I was 10 and the rap was crazy,” Bundles chuckles, “I thought I was somebody big.”

After a few laughs, I asked Boss Bundles about his journey from that ten year-old aspiring rapper to where he is now.  Bundles said, “It was about growing and not giving up on what I really wanted to do.  I stayed on my grind.”  “You go through a lot of discouraging moments, where you just want to give up, but once I realized that this was a passion of mine, I knew what I had to do.”

Bundles took a brief break from music to make sure that the business side of things were all in line and now he is back with more material than ever. A little known fact about Boss Bundles is that he actually enjoys singing more than rapping.  You can actually catch some of Bundle’s vocals on his “2 Hits” track. Bundles mentioned that during his career he has worked with R&B singers Trey Songs and Lyfe Jennings. He’s not singing in the track below, but the song is hot and I had to share this for those who are not familiar with the big homie’s music. Check out the Boss Bundles banger “What” below.

As mentioned earlier, Bundles is a North Carolina native, but you can find him in Atlanta.  “The transition from North Carolina to Atlanta was one of the best moves I ever made,” Bundles said, “You’ve got to move around with the music, unless you want to stay local.”

Staying humble and counting his blessings is what has kept Boss Bundles in God’s graces. At a young age Boss had to step up and make some big decisions in his life.  Now the North Carolina native is doing things his way.

When asked what can we expect from Boss Bundles in the near future, he told us at Hip Hop Enquirer about his new upcoming mixtape.  The mixtape is entitled Quality Over Quantity and is hosted by DJ Drama. The highly anticipated mixtape is expected to drop mid summer.

Be on the lookout for a lot more to come from Boss Bundles.  Check out the video below with Bundles as he talks about the D.R.U.G.S. clothing line, his new mixtape, and more with HHE’s Dennis Byron.


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