EXCLUSIVE: Top Ten Female Emcees Of The Last Twenty Years

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Every other day someone is “contributing” to society by giving us their top ten list.  This contribution is usually met with a disagreement followed by an argument.

As a model citizen I too wanted to make my contribution, so I took the time to compile a list of my own.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you, my Top Ten Female Rappers Of The Last Two Decades.

For this list I had to think past the MC Lyte/Queen Latifah days and think about who they passed the baton to, and more importantly, who ran with it.

The rap scene is a game that is dominated by men and has always been a constant display of survival of the fittest.  Nonetheless, female emcees have proven to audiences that they too can rock a mic and look good while doing it.

While the female emcee population is not large in numbers, many have come and many have left, but there are only a few that came and left their mark.

Let the debate begin.

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