Eyecandy Special: Jelli Covers Hip Hop Enquirer (Featured Model)

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My name is Angelica a.k.a. J3lli and I am a Black and Mexican model/actress/Singer/Student here in San Jose California! ~ My goal is to become a well known and successful Artist as well as a successful student.

My experience in modeling dates back to 2001. Off and on between school and work I have done numerous fashion shows, photo shoots, and music videos. I have hosted an event in Las Vegas for “CheckWriter Ent” and have also done promotional work for Coca-Cola in Palo Alto California and for Patron in Pebble Beach Ca.

DON’T JUDGE ME: It’s interesting to me that many people have a tendency to look at me and think I’m some kind of “bitch” or “Diva” right away. Don’t try and judge me and put me in your little box or in a certain category of a person in your mind because you don’t know me. Try taking a look at your own actions and life before you go and judge other people because no one is perfect… and If you knew me, you’d know that I’m not a bitch at all… unless you piss me off which is hard to do because I’m a pretty lighthearted person who love to laugh and smile. Moral of the story is.. you don’t know me personally so don’t make assumptions because you just make yourself look like an ass! 

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Her stats are:

Please follow Jelli at: http://twitter.com/QueenJelli

Jelli at the pool


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