The Fabulous Life of Beyoncé + Jay Z [Full Episode]

Jay Z and  Beyoncé are reportedly worth an estimated $775-million so one can only imagine how they spend their cash.  Well Vh-1 The Fabolous Life took a look into The Carter’s spending habits and some of luxuries they spoil themselves and their bundle of joy Blue Ivy with.

A few of the luxuries include a  $600,000 rocking horse, a $2 million Bugatti Veyron Sport, one of the most expensive cars in the world;  Beyoncé’s wig collection worth $1 million and $1,000 manicures.

While everyone is in a rush to get the new J’s, Jigga also owns a $2,500 pair of custom sneakers covered in 9 animal skins.  Peep the lifestyle one could only imagine now.  This is nspiration at its finest and why you must stick to your dreams.

beyonce and jay z


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