Family of Eric Garner & Reverend Al Sharpton Stop By The Breakfast Club, Talk Social Justice, Eric Garner & Donald Trump

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The family of Eric Garner, Esaw his wife and Emerald his daughter, were joined by Reverend Al Sharpton and gave a very authentic interview to the Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. Following the one-year anniversary of Eric’s death, they spoke on Eric’s last day alive before being choked out by a cop. Esaw says he was sneezing that day and already having difficulty breathing due to asthma and sinus issues.

‘I can’t make no money in the house babe, I’m going out…He looked back at me and he said, ‘Babe give me a kiss’ – I’ve been married to him for 28 years and he never asked me for a kiss [like that].’

Her son was the one that told her initially about the incident. He went to borrow $20 dollars from her and she said he came back in the house very soon after, then he said you should call dad. That is when phone numbers she does not even recognize begin to pour in telling her she needs to go to the hospital.

‘But as I’m riding to the hospital, the tears start to flow, because after you’re married to somebody for so long it’s like a kindred spirit, you know when something’s wrong. And I said to my girlfriend, ‘He’s no longer here with us’

Esaw says she sat in the hospital for two hours not knowing the condition of her husband. When the doctors did finally come out to tell her that Eric Garner had died, she claims to have blacked out and did not remember how she got home. She also recalls telling her children about him dying and that her son’s entire aura had changed. Then when the video was released showing him being chocked out by the officer, the family says they can not watch it in its entirety still.

I only saw up to the second ‘I can’t breathe,’ then my kids were like ‘no, Mom’. I still haven’t seen past the ‘I can’t breathe,’ I just can’t watch it…Every time that something happens with the police, it’s like they’re using this video as an example, but you have no compassion that I’m watching my husband die over and over again.

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