Fan Gets Pounded Out at Wu Tang Clan Concert for Mouthing Off at Ghostface Killah

| February 5, 2015 | 0 Comments

When will these fake fans learn that their paying admission to concerts and parties don’t entitle them to say whatever they want about those are there only to entertain them? Yesterday, we reported that rap mogul P Diddy¬† was confronted by an unruly and drunk fan because he felt like Diddy was wrong for appearing at the club on CP time (color people time) and felt the mogul own him an explanation. That obviously ended very bad for the fan as he claimed the mogul put them hands on him.

Last week, legendary rap group WuTang Clan was performing at a tattoo convention in Amarillo, TX when a fan dared the rapper to come off stage and challenged him to a fight. The fan likely got caught up in the moment and as a result Ghostface dared him to come on stage which he sheepishly declined. Apparently other concert goers didn’t approve of the disrespect by the fan and they decided to take matters in their own hands by punching the crap out of him. He was later thrown out the venue.

Here is one of our favorite take notice.

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