Fashion Alert!! Men and Skinny Jeans…Fad or Fashion Faux Pas?

| April 13, 2012 | 1 Comment

Kanye West

Ladies, let’s talk–would you want your man rocking tighter jeans than you? Especially if he rocks those jeans better than you do?

The age of the skinny jeans lingers on and by the looks of it; the female species is in for some stiff competition. Like it or not, it seems that men and skinny jeans are here to stay. Long gone are the days when fitted pants were considered a woman’s thing because men the world over are embracing their feminine sides with open arms. Some even resort to shopping in women’s clothing stores to ensure that the fit is nice and tight. Yes, they have admitted it. Openly.

Wiz Khalifa

Is something wrong with this picture? Or is the fashion trend simply giving men more options when it comes to attire? Image consultants and stylists across the globe have been at loggerheads on the snug denims for quite some time. Some contend that the skinny jeans epidemic should be wiped off the face of the earth; others argue that it’s a fashion forward statement for the male sex.

Fashion for men and women alike, has evolved. After all, that’s what fashion is all about. In the 90s most men would never have been caught dead rocking tight jeans for fear of their masculinity being questioned. Today, even the toughest of the tough; sport their skin-fitted, often brightly colored pants, without a care in the world.

And although Hip Hop superstar Jay-Z spoke out vehemently against the skinny jean era in his popular 2009 hit D.O.A (Death of Autotune), rappers like Lil Wayne, Kayne West and Wiz Khalifa are poster boys for the skinny look, and along with men’s magazines, have helped to make the trend socially acceptable and even more popular.

In Trinidad, Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, seeing men in skinny jeans has become a common phenomenon, much like tall boots in the tropics—after all it’s only like 35 degrees in the shade!

Now, some have managed to pull off the look but when it comes to men and skinny jeans, all males are not created equally. A growing number of middle-aged skinny-wearing-wanabe’s, not so much on the skinny side, continue to throw caution to the wind even going out in public donning the figure-fitted pants.

So how would you know when your jeans are too tight? A few tell tales signs come to mind. One, when you can no longer walk like a human being and two, when your manhood can no longer take the suffocation. Unfortunately these days, comfort seems to be taking a very distant second to style. Some men’s  jeans are so tight, even their wallets get booted out.  To deal with that “tight squeeze” problem, some have invested in the increasingly popular man bag, which is an entirely different article!

Gotta run now because my boss just walked into the office with a pair of skinny jeans on..yikes!

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  1. Jo says:

    I’ll take the skinny jeans over the ridiculously low sagging jeans any day!

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