Fashion Alert: Aqila of ‘Elephant: Vintage And Soul’

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Words by: Alyson Robinson

To sum up Aqila Wint in just a few words would prove to be a difficult task, for she is the definition of diversity. Professional dancer, fashionista, former radio student, drum player and now fashion jewelry designer, Aqila plans to make her mark with her brand ‘Elephant: Vintage and Soul.’


Her interest in jewelry design began in 2011, after repairing one of her broken pieces of jewelry.  “I had a ring that was broken and I fixed it and I was actually shocked that I had. I then went on to create a pendant from raw materials I had lying around. After making the first piece my excitement grew and I decided to make more,” she said. “Also I was pretty tired of wanting a particular piece of jewelry and not being able to find it so I decided I was going to make my own accessories. “

Lately Aqila has branched out into designing apparel for her brand. The proud designer continued to speak about her love for what she does with almost a hint of over excitement. “I would say [my style is] vintage-inspired. I would say eclectic, sometimes bohemian. It is all an amalgamation of me. My pieces definitely reflect my style. It’s always edgy and daring, never sticking to fashion’s rules or society’s expectations, always with a wow factor.


 See Aqila’s earlier designs here.

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