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c-j-miller-laz-alonso-corey-maysfeaturedCJ Miller, Laz Alonso, and Corey Mays

Author CJ Miller, actor Laz Alonso and Kansas City Chiefs Corey Mays partied at the Hennessy Cocktails and Conversations event in Atlanta, GA and when it comes to after hour dressing these three didn’t disappoint.

Laz Alonso

Our very first impression of Laz was when he was blue skinned, dread-locked and digitized in James Cameron’s sci-fi odyssey Avatar. Although he didn’t wear much clothes in the film, we’ve kept him on our fashion radar ever since. Here at the Hennessy event he was bright-smiled and casually cool in oan ptical white blazer over black v-neck shirt and slacks. Fellas take note! A well dressed man needs not the assistance of over-sized logos or bling to make an outfit work. More often than not, simplicity speaks volumes and Laz is no exception. The event is classy enough to where a proper blazer or dinner jacket is required but a loose enough atmosphere takes the pressure off of having to wear a 3-piece.

CJ Miller, Jacquie Lee, and Corey Mays.

Author CJ Miller struck the perfect balance uptown meets downtown with striped suit and vest paired with semi-distressed denim. Although the occasion may not call for a jacket and waist coat, we won’t fault CJ for putting in the extra effort. Besides, the jeans do a nice job of balancing out the equation; “business on top, party on the bottom.” We’ll also throw in a couple points for the striped pattern on the jacket and the subtle addition of color in the tie.

As for Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Corey Mays, well, it takes a real man to wear pink. And not just any pink. Mays opted for a fuscia tie loosely done around the neck to go along with his one buttoned slate gray suit. We could never imagine the difficulty of having to dress ourselves if we were shaped like a Maytag refrigerator, but kudos to him for being able to pull it off.

Corey Mays says, real men wear pink

Drink and dress responsibly

CJ, Corey, and Laz are ready for you questions

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