The Fight After The Fight: The Mayweather-Maidana Post Fight Conference

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If there wasn’t already enough buzz generated before the Mayweather-Maidana bout there most certainly was controversy generated after the final bell. That controversy came in the form of a 12 round majority decision victory by Floyd Mayweather over former WBA Welterweight champ Marcos Maidana. But it did not stop there. The post fight conference for both Mayweather and Maidana is a foreshadowing of a September rematch in lieu of words spewed by both fighters based on the final decision. Perhaps the most compelling statement made by Mayweather, who seems to be his own promoter, was the comparative “Canelo hits harder than him {Maidana}”.

You can bet your bottom dollar that there are propositions already set in place by the promotional team of both opponents for an encore come September in Vegas.

Perhaps the biggest controversy leading up to the fight was the type of gloves that Maidana were to use for the fight. The Nevada Athletic Commission denied Maidana’s original request of Everlast gloves based on the fact that the gloves did not provide adequate padding in the knuckle area. This lead to a final decision of the gloves to be made mere hours before the commencing of the fight. Despite the controversial decision after the fight there should be no doubt that Money May has met up with an ultimate competitor in Maidana which was ultimately proven throughout the course of the fight.


Maidana, who outweighs Floyd by 20 pounds, threw twice as many punches as Floyd. As a matter of fact, according to CompuBox, Maidana has landed more punches than any opponent has landed on Floyd within the years they have covered Mayweather fights. Additionally, Maidana landed 34 percent of his power punches against Mayweather versus the 31 percent power punches Canelo connected against Mayweather eight months earlier. Those statistics can prove Mayweather’s assertion that Canelo hits harder than Maidana otherwise. Then again who are we to judge? It is Floyd’s body that takes the punches not anyone else’s.

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