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headshot had an exclusive sit down with the entertainment industry executive, Jacob York. For over two decades, York has devoted his time and effort to investing, promoting and having the true essence of a NewYork grinder. His early days consisted of event promoting and managing top artists such as Lil Kim and Gucci Mane.  Currently, York latest venture is Electric Republic, a vision that came to York at the tender age of 15. Electric Republic currently assists in the production of film/tv, apps, music and multimedia projects while managing industry talents and athletes.  ER currently manages Karrachue Tran, Lalanya Masters, and Chantel Jeffries, Ezekiel Elliott and many more. Find out more about York and his success in the industry on Five Question with JACOB YORK. 

Tell us about Jacob York and your role in moving our creative culture forward with Electric Republic.

I think with ER, we are a lot more socially conscious. I want to be able to stand behind what I’ve done. I can say that a lot of the music that I was involved in early on, I may not be able to stand behind. Originally, My concern was with what would sell. Now, with ER…I stand behind it. So, I think that’s what has been helping me move and be socially conscious. We are making the movies, creating the content and representing talent that will push us into the next generation.

You have been in the industry for years and have had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment. How have your past experiences shaped your vision for tomorrow?

Again, I am more socially conscious in the content I produce now, as opposed to when I was younger. When I was younger, I didn’t care what the content said, what the theme or language was, you know? Now, I am looking at the impact content has on today’s society and what the kids are following. These children are living through what they see on TV or hear on the radio and take it as real life.  Today, I am much more conscious of the content that I chose to put out there . 

Can you offer advice on sustaining in an industry that can be fickle at times?

Yeah. I view business from a perspective point of view rather than emotional. I avoid the emotional point of views at all cost. You have to practice smart business, that’s first. Secondly, I look to the youth… the next generation. A loft of people in the [entertainment] industry just stick to what they know. I try to surround myself with young, fresh energy that can give me that perspective. Uniquely enough the older you get, the more in the past you are. The young lives in the future. 

What is next on the radar for Jacob York and Electric Republic?

Jacob and Ezekial Elliot

Jacob York with Ezekiel Elliott

More films and we have a few television projects coming in 2017… scripted and unscripted. We have expanded with a sports division and Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys  is our first talent. We are looking at 4 or 5 basketball and football talents to take on next season.



Gen X’ers vs. Millennials… your thoughts?

Millennials seem more driven to me but I think that there is a fine line between the two because some people overlap. Millennials… I think the revolution will start with them. Gen X’ers… there was a time where they just kind of existed. That’s in my opinion.

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