Floyd Mayweather Launches Own Reality Show (Raw & Uncut)

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Boxing great Floyd “Money” Mayweather just joined Ustream to launch The Floyd Mayweather Show. On the show, the king of boxing takes his viewers on a grand tour of his multi-million dollar mansion where he displays his all white vehicle collection consisting of two Maybachs, a Ferrari, two Bentley and a bunch of other toys. he also had a special message for Grammy singer Chilli.


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Mayweather announced that he will be giving away 4 all white trucks to his fans who join his website as well as giving away a diamond Rolex watch once he reaches one million twitter followers. There were a few things we really did learn about the best pound for pound boxer in the world that came as a surprise. He doesn’t like the use of the “N” word. On his show you can hear him admonishing his driver and friend who he calls “5’3” for slipping up and using the word. “This is a positive show and I don’t want you using that word!”

Floyd also confessed that he doesn’t buy hip hop magazines because he feels they are too negative which comes as a surprise to us…smh! On the show, Floyd is also heard telling Grammy recording artist Chilli from the group TLC; “Chilli, you better be watching!” as he laughs into the camera. One of his Ustream fans saw him shopping in a local supermarket and rushed to the store with a boxing glove for Mayweather to sign it for him which he humbly obliged. With all the flashy and flamboyant display of wealth Mayweather does so well, the show is sure to be a hit with his fans!

You can follow Floyd “Money” Mayweather by visiting him at: www.floydmayweather.com

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