Follow Suit! A Look at Rappers Who Clean Up Nicely!

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Diddy leads the pack when it comes to grown up swag

Let’s be honest for a moment. We all look to our favorite celebs for the hottest trends and styles. They’re seen in some of the dopest footwear, clothes and accessories which are then coveted by us– the fans. But when the bling is gone, jeans are tossed to the side, some of your favorite hip hop stars actually suit up quite well when needed.

When it comes to suit swag no one can hold a three piece to the former Mr. Shiny Suit rapper himself P. Diddy. Although he sits at the top we’ve taken a look at some other hip hop stars who traded in their white tees’ and True Religions for tailor made dinner jackets and slacks.


We’ve come to know New York rapper Fabolous as one of the best dressed hip hop celebs in the industry. When he’s spotted out in public it appears as though nothing was left undone from the tilted brim and stunner shades to the clothes,  blinged out accessories and dope kicks. But then we found this picture of him suited and styled to perfection! The fabrication of the suit with the pattern just oozes swag, style, and confidence.

Kanye West at this years Met Gala

Kanye West is at the top of our favorite fashion icons! He’s not afraid to try new things when it comes to style and dressing. What others may think is suspect is just Yeezy’s way of letting us know he’s on a whole different level. We’ve often seen him dressed up before, but he didn’t disappoint at this year’s Costume Institute Gala in New York City when he arrived on the red carpet in a custom made suit by designer Tory Burch. What we especially like is how toned down he was. On a night celebrating the late Alexander McQueen, West could have easily gone out to left field, but he kept it cool and classy in a classic black one button tuxedo.

Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D.

Pharrell Williams originally burst onto the scene as the go-to super producer guru who is behind the many hits of artists like Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Clipse, Snoop etc. Now, we’ve come to know and love the Neptunes’ front man as the go-to guy for style inspiration. No matter what he’s spotted or photographed in its instantly dope and copied by his loyal fans of fashion. Here he was pictured on the red carpet at an event straight-faced and purple bow-tied in yet another reason why he scored a major hit!


There’s no denying that Jay-Z single handedly changed the way rappers dress. He moves the cultural needle like no one else in the industry. When he told you all to put away those throwbacks and put on a button up you listened. With one of the most successful transitions from rapper to businessman he aptly holds the title of a true mogul. And what’s even more inspiring is that he actually dresses the part! He can go from designer denim, hoodie and timbs in one moment to three piece Windsor the next.

Swizz Beatz

They say that behind every well dressed man is an equally if not more well dressed woman. Well, Swizz Beatz has his wife Alicia Keys as the woman behind him he can thank for being on this list. Up until their marriage Swizz was one of those who kept a low profile. We never paid much attention to his style until he began attending more red carpet events with Alicia. That’s when we noticed that hit-maker is kinda fancy himself.


Last year, T.I. wowed fans and critics alike with his acting chops in the blockbuster hit Takers. He also wowed the fashion crowd with his impeccably dressed red carpet looks. Who knew that southern rapper who hails from the projects of Bankhead could pull off a look like this!? Regardless of his many legal troubles Clifford “Tip” Harris has shown us that he’s a well dressed stand up guy.

Drake at last years MTV Video Music Awards

What Drake makes up for in his lyrical talents he usually lacks in style. But, he managed to make a major impression in the rap game with his wildly successful mixtape So Far Gone and a fashion impression at last year’s MTV VMAs. The highlight of this look for us was the shoes he wore. This was definitely a good look for Drizzy that we need to see more of!  Maybe one day his style game will catch up with his lyricism.

Ludacris at the Grammys

Ludacris is one of the few rappers who successfully crossed over into the movie realm with his acting debut in the Academy Award winning film Traffic. While broadening his career ambitions he also did the same with his style. Among other things, cutting his hair was one of the best decisions he’s made in his career.

With Hollywood embracing him, Luda ditched the College Park, cartoonish music video looks for a more dapper grown up one. Here he was pictured at the Grammy Awards looking impossibly sophisticated in an almost all black everything suit with optical white neck tie.

Trey Songz

When he’s not defending his sexuality by dry humping female fans on stage he’s removing articles of clothing to further solidify his sex symbol steeze. Seriously, we think Trey might suffer from an allergic reaction to shirts and wife beaters. But when he does decide to keep on his clothes, he’s usually dressed in his typical R&B male singer uniform which consists of some type of leather jacket, slim fitting denim, and shades.

But, Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl managed to steal the scene at an event in New York City. Miraculously the suit he wore managed to stay on! We think it would be best for Trey to drop the whole overtly sexual act and opt for a more mature, grown man presentation. It works just as well if not better and he might even catch a new demographic of fans aside from the screaming hoards of pre-pubescent girls (and some boys) toppling over with hormones.

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