Football Superstar Sues Tila Tequila For Lying

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Media junkie Tila Tequila has once again found herself in hot water. This time the once famous internet model and former reality star is being sued by her former boyfriend Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers who is claiming that Tila lied back in September when she claimed he beat her. Those charges were later dismissed by prosecutors because of insufficient evidence.


In a lawsuit filed in US District Court, Merriman alleges that Tila posted all sorts of lies on her website about him essentially causing him to lose a clothing deal with Walmart. Even though Merriman might have had grounds for a defamation suit, he is only suing her for Intentional Interference with contract and Unfair Competition as well as Trademark Infringement because she used his “Lights Out” logo on her website.

It’s alright to be in the spotlight at times as a celebrity but to have to walk a red carpet in court room is another thing. We reported recently that Tila was once again ranting on her website about Rihanna having Herpes but from the look of things you can’t take much of what she says with a grain of salt. Tila if you’re reading this, check yourself into a psych ward now and maybe the judge will have leniency on you!

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