#ForeverYoung: 10 Memorable Rap Lyrics From Lil Snupe’s R.N.I.C. (@LilSnupe)

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Hip-Hop just lost a viable piece of its future, with Lil Snupe’s death. 


Hip Hop Enquirer spotted Lil Snupe earlier in the year, and immediately latched on to the quality of his lyricism, style, and delivery. Meek Mill, Maybach’s hungriest emcee cosigned the slain freestyle rapper, and that was pretty much all the hip hop world needed to hear in order to pay attention. From Lil Snupe’s ’16 & Runnin’ mixtape, in HHE mixtape’s section, to R.N.I.C. , Lil Snupe proved that his rhymes would serve as a form of street inspiration from a lot of the young teens who face the things he face’s coming out of the ghetto (Jonesboro, Louisiana). Today, we just want to reflect on a few memorable lines from songs – belonging to Lil Snupe – that will make us forever remember the influence he made, as well as the influence he was on his way towards making – on the world.

With young rappers coming up in the game, the positive lyricism isn’t really present on their tracks. Lil Snupe gave life to hip hop, with his ability to want more than ‘street life’.

10 Lyrics From Lil Snupe’s R.N.I.C.

‘All it took was dedication and some motivation. Dis ain’t happen over night, I was being patient.’ – Lil Snupe – Nobody (feat. Meek Mill)

‘I gotta get it, cause I’m tryna get full rich. And I refuse to let my momma lose me to some bullshit.’ – Lil Snupe – Nobody (feat. Meek Mill)

Man I’m tryna get this rap money. Fck trap money.‘ – Lil Snupe- Nobody (feat. Meek Mill)

Hottest in the game, and all you niggas gotta face it. I’m Tupac Shakur reincarnated.’ – Lil Snupe – Feel It In The Air (Freestyle)

‘I’m far from a Harvard Student. I just had the balls to do it.’ – Lil Snupe – Melo

‘I’m tryna make it to the top niggas. But my haters wanna see me on that block nigga.’ – Lil Snupe – Nobody (feat. Meek Mill)

‘Kids look up to me, they say that I am they image. So tell me, what the fuck I look like getting a sentence huh?’ – Lil Snupe

‘Nobody out here with me. I’m on that alone shit. So, don’t think I’m actin funny when I’m in my zone bitch.‘  Lil Snupe – So Tired.

‘And this lady I’on know. Looked at me, said I’mma shine. Just like the fuckin’ sun. I can see it. You the one’ – Lil Snupe – So Tired

‘Seems like some fucked up shit happens in my hood everyday. Only the strong survive out here’ – Lil Snupe – Feel It In The Air (Freestyle)

These are just some lyrics that stuck out, in his latest mixtape R.N.I.C. As you can see, this wasn’t a young emcee glorifying negativity in his own hood. This was a kid who was trying to find a way to get out of it all. Also, let’s take a look at this Lil Snupe performance with Meek Mill. Lil Snupe was truly one of a kind. He will forever be missed. RIP. Forever Young.

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