Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Indicted on 19 Federal Counts

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Just when we thought Kwame Kilpatrick paid his debt to society for his 2007 conviction for perjury, the US Attorney general just announced a 19 count indictment against former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick.

On a list of federal fraud charges which included carrying out a scheme, hatched 11 years ago, to use his nonprofit Kilpatrick Civic Fund to pay for personal and campaign expenses in violation of the law. The government alleges that used civic fund money to pay friends and relatives and for items ranging from counter surveillance and anti-bugging equipment to yoga and golf lessons, golf clubs and summer camp for his children.

Other expenses from the fund — which had a stated purpose of voter education and improving Detroit’s neighborhoods and image — included personal travel for Kilpatrick, moving expenses, car rentals and leases, and a personal residence, the indictment alleges.   

According to the indictment, Kilpatrick is accused of filing false tax returns, failing to declare the income and failing to declare that income in the tax years 2003-2007. He is accused of evading taxes in 2008.

“It is important that public officials not escape prosecution just because they leave office,” U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said in the statement announcing the indictment. “Public officials need to be accountable to deter them and others from cheating our citizens in the future.”

Kilpatrick was dubbed the hip hop mayor several years ago by mogul Russell Simmons because of his love for hip hop music but most disagree that that title is not fitting of the disgraced mayor.

Christine Beatty (Kilpatrick’s former mistress)

How was he the hip hop mayor anyways? Did he record a rap album we don’t know about? Was he a part time beat maker? Of course not! He was a mayor from Detroit that ripped off tax payers and had an affair with his chief of staff Christine Beatty while being married with children. His steamy text messages to Beatty eventually cost him his job as mayor of Detroit.

Kilpatrick is currently serving a 18 month sentence for violating the terms of his probation from a earlier conviction for lying under oath about an affair he had with Beatty.

According to the federal indictment, Kilpatrick continued to engage in illegal activity even after he was convicted for lying to state authorities under oath. The indictment alleged that he used monies from the fund to pay for other lavish gifts for his friends and family.

Click here to download the indictment.

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