Foxy Brown Brother “Pretty Boy” Arrested for Credit Card Scam

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Looks like Foxy Brown may have some company on Riker’s Island if the Brooklyn District Attorney has his way.

Gavin “Pretty Boy” Marchand, 35, faces up to 15 years in the big house if convicted of possession of a forged instrument (credit cards) and using them to purchase over $8000.00 grand in designer clothes from an Upper East Side boutique according to the New York Post.

“Gavin and three pals were busted at the Hermes store on Madison Avenue. Cops were inside doing surveillance when Gavin and his entourage arrived, sources said.

Accused accomplice Warren David, 31, allegedly used a forged American Express card to pay for $7,882.55 in sales. Outside the store, cops pounced, but getaway driver Derwin Benoit sped off at up 90 mph until he finally pulled over, police said.”

Foxy Brown didn’t have too much to say about her brother’s arrest when she was questioned outside of the Brooklyn Criminal Courthouse. She was there dealing with her own legal issues from a previous arrest for violation of a restraining order. 

Several months ago Brown was arrested for literally showing her butt to a female who she had already been told by a judge to not have any criminal contact with. If convicted, Brown could face up to 4 years in prison.

Source: NY Post


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