Frank Ocean Writes a Love Letter And Puts It On Tumblr..Sounds Like He Is Checking Out Pharell?!

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Frank Ocean is back at his “letter to the world” antics again. He starts the new Tumblr letter off with “No better than the next man, just doing a different thing with my time, got to.”

He then talks about wanting to produce a novel on twins, with some sort of “nature vs. nurture” concept to it. The sketchy letter bounces around, like the talented artist’s imagination and touches on other ideas the timeless voiced artist always had in mind.

Ocean first mentions of wanting to once start an arcade and a car club. He then talks about his ideas “morphing” and becoming less adhesive once he continued to live with them. Frank talks about his dog, as well as his choice to begin eating steak again, after going ten years without it.

The letter seems to be filled with lots of symbolic metaphors that may have genius definitions and heavy meanings to them.  Frank mentions sitting in a studio days ago with Jay Z and Pharrell for hours; then finishes the thought with “Pharrell looks nineteen.”

Although the statement was a strange insertion into the letter, I think we can all agree with that. The other thoughts in this letter hop around more than Cypress Hill members on stage. Here, read the letter for yourself. Even through all of the weird recollections and strange choice of words, we fans still adore Frank for his “uniqueness” in wording and beautiful voice.

We learned recently, before the drop of Frank Ocean’s latest music project “Channel Orange”, that the gifted singer was in fact gay and had struggled for some time with the disclosure to friends and family. Frank disclosed his closet “feelings” in a previous letter, also leaked to his fans on Tumblr.

Read Ocean’s most recently written letter below.



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