[Fraud Alert] Hip Hop Enquirer Copycat Going Down

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Some people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what happens when imitation turns into pure reproduction?  You’re about to find out.  Hip Hop Enquirer has recently discovered that another website, Hip Hop Rated, has jacked not only our swag, but our stories and logo as well. Look at the comparison of our logo and theirs, it is down right thievery.  We understand that some organizations lack originality, but this is most definitely infringement.  We at Hip Hop Enquirer have worked hard to build this brand.  When people see our logo they immediately recognize the Hip Hop Enquirer brand.  Our logo can be seen on our YouTube channel, clothing apparel, billboards, and much more.  Since the company’s launch 7 years ago, Hip Hop Enquirer has gained the respect of many and we plan on continuing to build on what we have already established.

This knockoff site, Hip Hop Rated, is damaging our name by confusing readers with the use of our logo and content as well.  

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We here at Hip Hop Enquirer do not support, sponsor, or endorse Hip Hop Rated.  There is absolutely no association whatsoever and legal action will be taken.  Theses fakes even go as far as claiming that they are the authors to exclusive articles written by Hip Hop Enquirer staff.  The article below was actually written by yours truly, but Hip Hop Rated makes it appear as it is the author. 

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The outright replication of Hip Hop Enquirer by the phonies over at Hip Hop Rated is highly unacceptable, and is totally unfair to our brand and our audience.

Stay tuned to Your One Stop For Everything Hip Hop, “Often imitated and now duplicated”.  

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