Free at last, Free At Last—So So Def rapper Da Brat is a self-proclaimed a free woman!

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Three years ago So So Def emcee Da Brat (formally known as Shawntae Harris) was sentenced to prison for an aggravated assault.  The Chicago female rapper was involved in an altercation (October of 2007) at a local Atlanta nightclub called Studio 72. Apparently she struck the club’s waitress in the face with a bottle of Rum leaving cuts and bruises on her face, leaving the waitress with permanent scars.

Da Brat pled guilty to felony of aggravated assault and was sentenced to three years behinds bars, seven years of probation and 200 hours of community service.

Yesterday, March 1st 2011, she is officially a free woman rep confirms. In Da Brat’s first interview since being released she spoke about where she served her time and what it’s like being back at home.

Da Brat states, “It’s been crazy. Everybody has been hitting me up,” said the Chicago native. “I’m in the A [Atlanta] doing house arrest. I have this nice leg monitor jewelry. I’mma put some Swarovski Crystals on this.”

Through a work-release program Da Brat and other inmates were allowed to go home on pass. According to emcee, “I actually had more freedom in the work release program because I got to home on pass.” Now that the program has come to an end—due to her prison release—she has been ordered to serve house arrest in Atlanta, Georgia.

During interview, Da Brat also indicated she should be off house arrest 3 to 6 months from now and she is putting all her focus towards working on her music.  “I’m getting some beats sent to me right now from JD. I wasn’t really motivated in there to write. I need to be able to hear some fire beats and I need to hear it loud. I got 2 and a half years of shit built up that I need to talk about. I’m ready to get it in. I can’t wait,” she states.

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