Funeral Director Wants Her Named Cleared For Leaked Whitney Houston Death Photo, Houston Family Seems To Be Involved [Video]

Whitney Houston has been gone for three weeks now but she still can’t rest in peace and from the looks of things it seems to be because of her own family.

A few weeks ago a picture of Whitney’s body lying in her open casket was sold to and published in the National Enquirer and the Houston family seemed determined to find out who leaked the photo and the funeral home that  handled Whitney’s funeral proceedings was one of the suspects.

Now it looks like the culprit was part of the Houston family and Carolyn Whigham, owner of Whigham Funeral Home, wants her company cleared of any of the false  allegations.

Whigham made it clear to The Associated Press that only 3 people from her staff had access to Whitney’s body during the funeral procedures and security by Whitney’s family guarded the body the whole time and even slept inside the funeral home.

“It is very obvious that the Houston family has ceased the investigation. Why?  They have not called us and said Carolyn we’ve ceased the investigation…Your funeral home, your staff, your daughter, your manager is not involved.   I want to clear my name.  I want to clear my funeral home because it does not just affect us here in Essex County, this went nationwide…”

Whigham wants to be vindicated so crazed Houston fans won’t attack her, her employees and her family. Whigham also stated that she was spit at in her face last Friday by an enraged Houston supporter.

“There’s just so much negativity being thrown out and I want to defend my character and my name,” added Whigham.

Seems like Whitney’s mother Cissy has some explaining to do.  Maybe Cissy should get with her cousin Dionee Warwick and contact some of their psychic friends and clear this woman’s name.



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