Furious Michael Jackson Fan Sues Estate: Imposter Lead Vocals?

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Highest-grossing deceased star as of 2013, Michael Jackson, died nearly five years ago and, to much surprise amongst his devoted fans, released “Michael” in 2010, which was the first CD after the tragedy that swept the nation. Although, could it be possible that “Michael” wasn’t actually Michael, himself? One angry and flabbergasted fan is suing his Estate because she thoroughly believes that the still-reigning King of Pop was NOT the lead singer on three of his tracks, though Edward Weitzman, the Estate‘s lawyer, has stated, previously, otherwise.

Today, the unnamed woman filed the lawsuit stating that she purchased the compact disc two years ago, but it didn’t have enough Michael on “Breaking News”, “Monster”, and “Keep Your Head Up”. While filing the suit in Los Angeles, she claimed to have hired an audio expert for an analysis and second opinion; he has the same claim as the woman who hired him: impersonation.

As an end result, she would like to take class action: if her allegations are true, the Estate will owe money to anyone and everyone who purchased the album and/or those three particular tracks.

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