Get Back to School Cool Wtih Supra Highlighter Pack!!!

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Supra-Highlighter-Group-01Supra sneakers highlighter pack

Around this time every year, parents can be found scrambling through the aisles at the local Walmart and Staples stores hoping to snag the best deals on some bulls%$t like colored pencils, markers, pens, and notebooks that most likely their rebellious ass child will use to throw at the teacher on the first day of school.


There’s a highly unlikely chance that your kid even gives two of chewed gum about being prepared for school. If your kid is like how I was in school, he or she will only be interested in getting that 5 subject notebook because it has enough paper to send nasty notes to classmates throughout the day. On second thought, kids these days view paper notes like cave drawings. I’m sure their Blackberry device or iPhone already has an app that allows them to easily send sexts (sex texts) to their peers.

Anyway, I say all this to say forget all your preconceived notions on what you think your child needs for a successful school year because as long as they stomp through the hallways in these Supra Highlighter pack sneakers they’ll be just fine! The all black suede with colored sole combo are perfect for those intimate moments under the bleachers and running from hallway security.

The pack comes in four different colors and 4 different styles, 3 of which are low. The hightop orange pair come with a dual strap across the front while the pink bottom low pair may be a little bit easier to dress up.


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