Ghostafce Killah Checks Action Bronson [Video Alert]

Action Bronson seemed to have a slick tongue earlier this month on ESPN’s SportsNation when asked about the Ghostface Killah comparisons and stuck a fork in the God as if he was done. The Queens rapper responded with,

“I think [the comparison] is indifferent actually at this point. People compare Coke and Pepsi. People compare everything. No matter why, you’re gonna get a comparison to something and I’m just glad that he’s one of the greatest…He’s not rapping like this no more No [shot]. Just being honest.”

Now we all knew that the Killer B wasn’t going to take this lying down and The Supreme Clientele creator unleashed his response today and it wasn’t anything nice. Explaining that he gave Action time to rectify the situation before he exploded, Ghost stated in a video,

“I gave you a grace period n***a.  I was supposed to have destroyed you a long time ago… You done made a mistake. You done F’d Up. You can never f***k with my pen… That’s why you looked up to me.”


Not playing with the young MC, Ghost even warned that he knew Bronson’s tour schedule and that he had shooters everywhere he was traveling. Apparently Action got the message loud and clear because he apologized once again. Peep the clips as the drama unfolded as well as Mr. Wonderful coping pleas. It’s clear that it may be 20 years later but Wu-Tang Clan still “Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit.”


action bronson tweet 1


action bronson tweet 2

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