Gilligans Island as Seen Through the Eyes of D&G.

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DG_Mens_Spring_2012_FinalThe D&G Spring 2012 Finale

Were any of you fans of the hit 1964 – 1967 television show Gilligans Island? If not, then you def need to catch up on your television history! If yes, then you’ll be glad (or irritated) to know that just like all of the rest of your old school favorites, the show is being brought back to modern day television and revamped for this day and age and the title star’s wardrobe will be provided by none other the Dolce and Gabbana (not really). But seriously, after watching Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana‘s Spring 2012 Mens runway show we couldn’t help get the urge to pack all of our belongings and set sail for a 3 hour tour out to sea!

DG_Mens_Spring_2012_8One of the more modest looks from D&G Spring 2012.

And what exactly would we pack in our belongings you ask? Well, we’d start off with an all linen, 3 button blazer and trousers the color of cool grey stormy skies.  But after that, its all a go-go with looks complete with distressed denim, baroque-ish printed shirts, trousers and shorts, some with moccasin by way of loafers printed with what appeared to be un-chartered maps. We imagine that Gilligan himself would spend all his days inside the straw hut design studio drinking from a coconut shell while Dominico and Stefano continously and eagerly check the inseem on his silk shorts. And by nightfall, all three mysteriously vanish off into the jungle where no one on shore can here their giggles. Poor skipper never had a chance.

We’ll take the shoes in a size 9.5 thank you

Rolled up sleeves and cuffed at the knee.

D&G does denim BEST!

We can totally see this jacket on Kanye!

An evening dinner jacket for nights on
the beach and under the stars

Washed ashore but never washed up!

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