Gone But Never Forgotten! Twitter Honors Trayvon Martin on His 23rd Birthday

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A life taken too soon

Illustration of Trayvon Martin

Today social media really displayed the true definition of gone but never gotten. Twitter users take to social Media today remembering Trayvon Martin on his birthday. For those are not familiar with Trayvon Martin. He was the unarmed African-American Miami teen killed by neighborhood vigilante George Zimmerman, 28, on February 26, 2012.

This tragic & deadly shooting sparked national protests, discussions on race relations, racial profiling by police and senseless gun violence. This shooting is one of the beginning reasons for the quote that we’re all familiar with “Black Lives Matter.” Five years ago a prince was taken away from us. Today, February 5th, 2018 he would’ve been 23. Here’s how Twitter users joins together to helps us celebrate his birthday.

“The sad thing about the death of Trayvon is that his killer is still walking around a free man while his mother and father are only able to visit their son at his grave-site” Stated Dennis Byron who was in the courtroom throughout the Zimmerman trial.

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