Grizzy Hendrix – “I Used To Love Kanye”

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For the Hip-Hop lover that’s hip to the Golden Age classics, you should be familiar with Common’s classic, reflective joint “I Used To Love H.E.R.”. Through that record, Common channeled his feelings about a lover that used to be the center of his attention, until she became someone new that he no longer recognized.

Grizzy Hendrix’s new offering “I Used To Love Kanye” is a bit similar. Firstly, the NYC rapper has built a solid career thus far by lyrically taking on controversial topics within his music, & this time around, Kanye West is the subject matter of his new rhyme.

Many rappers of today look to Kanye as their inspiration, especially with the type of artist he was at the beginning of his career. As time progresses, however, we all know that musicians can get jaded & somewhat blindside their fans with the “new” them. Grizzy aggressively maps out his feeling about the GOAT with his latest video that nearly parallel’s his tone throughout the song. I’m sure many fans & emcee’s that used Yeezy’s career as the blueprint for their own can relate all the same.

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