Gucci Mane Did Not Check Himself Into A Rehab As Reported

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Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has just released a statement through his manager Debra Antney about the false rumors of him checking himself into a rehab. “Gucci is not in any rehab and if he were in one who would have said such a thing? Hospitals couldn’t release such information if it were true because of a patient’s right to privacy so the story is of course false!” 

Last August, Gucci Mane was sent to jail for violating his probation. Apparently, Gucci Mane’s entourage is doing all they can in keeping him from being behind bars. Later, Dwight L. Thomas, Gucci Mane’s attorney, said drugs were the primary reason he was incarcerated in the first place.

Gucci’s probation for a 2005 aggravated-assault case was revoked because the flamboyant rapper has not completed a court-ordered 600 hours of community service, he’s tested positive for marijuana and cocaine during visits to his probation officer and he has not been getting the proper permission to travel as mandated previously by the judge. “[Gucci] told the court yesterday he was on a road to recovery in terms of being clean and sober,” explained Thomas, who also represented T.I. in his recent gun case.  (MTV)

Gucci Mane was recently released from prison back in May. Later he stated, “I have made some mistakes in my life that have hurt a lot of people who care about me. I have worked very hard to get past them, but those mistakes have brought me to where I am today, and they will not be repeated.” Gucci Mane’s effort in turning his life back around hopefully will be honorable by his parole officer.

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