Atlanta rapper flexes on Instagram with unpaid jewelry; guess who?

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Migos Soulja Boy

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What happens when a rapper’s reputation grows bigger than his paycheck? Fake it until you make it, I guess.

According to our sources, a young Atlanta rapper who’s crew garnered a huge buzz this year, may not be as young and rich as we thought! It wasn’t long ago that the Atlanta rapper was spotted at Icebox Custom Jewelry flexing for Instagram, taking pictures with a few pieces of jewelry, before leaving without saying a word. After a couple months of shows, it seems as if the Atlanta crew came up- sporting all types of custom pieces in interviews and video shoots.

Versace earrings IceboxBuckhead Atlanta’s Icebox Jewelry is known for attracting may hip-hop superstars, including Ludacris, Nelly, Keri Hilson, Rocko Da Don, and can even take credit for T-Pain’s “Big Ass Chain.”

Earlier this year, in July, rapper Soulja Boy was sued by Icebox for more than $60,000, claiming the singer has refused to pay an outstanding debt.

While we’re still unclear if the actual photos were posted online, the question still remains:

Is it even necessary to flex with jewelry that you don’t own? Wouldn’t it be easier to stop pretending and let the fame catch up? Can you guess who the rapper is?


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