Guess Whose Music Video Set Lil Wayne Was On This Weekend?

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Lil Wayne was out in Los Angeles, Ca over the weekend for his ‘I Am Music II Tour’ performance at the Staples. Along with being spotted at some of the hottest nightclubs, Lil Wayne was ‘gettin it in’ on set for his new single “Im Into You” with American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer raved about Lil Wayne stating “He might be one of the best out there right now. He might be the best. To me just the things he says and the way he says it is very unique, and I feel like he has a fresh new voice.” Its been a while since JLo has released a album, but linking up with Wayne was a great move especially to gain back her credibility within the urban community. 

“Im Into You” will be Jennifer’s second single and drops on May 2nd on NBC’s Today.

Wayne plans to release highly anticipated album Carter IV early this summer, June 21st. The Young Money Clan’s next stop is Sacramento, California. Then off to Canada. Recently, the Game was detained in Canada for gang affiliation. Lets hope that nightmare is not repeated, as Lil Wayne has been linked in the past.

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