Hands Up! The Game Has Agreed to Fight Miami Rapper Stitches Under Certain Conditions

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It appears Stitches, the rapper who got knocked out by The Game’s manager Wack 100 outside a South Beach Miami night club is about to get his wish. The Game has decided to give Stitches a fair one and accept a street bout under certain conditions. As long as Stitches agrees to fight one of The Game’s “white boy” friends and not get knocked out, he will get an opportunity to go toe to toe with him. The other condition is that if for some reason, the fight against the two doesn’t end favorable for Stitches, he must agree not to file any legal charges against the rapper.

The Game is playing it safe this time since he was previously sued by rapper 40 Glock after a fight that went viral in which The Game can be seen pummeling 40 Glock outside a mansion party several years ago. The Game is currently on probation for a previous assault case against a off-duty cop during a basketball game.

The posted the following to his instagram page:

#COMETOLA#iWILLBUYYOURTICKET funny how you p*ssy’s on my page saying fight a mothaf*cka that said “if we came to Miami, he was gone kill me”…. So we came to Miami, was comfortable & all over town & then my n*gga @Wack100 knocked yo p*ssy ass out wit one punch…. Then his own homies whooped his ass the next day after he tied to run & got caught…… Honkin the horn, foot on the gas, in park ????? Wack is 1/2 foot shorter & slept yo ass in front of the police…. N*ggas know I’m out on bail & on trial facing 10 years so everybody tough knowing if I do anything I’m gettin locked the f*ck up n taken from my kids…….. But if you really want mo ass whoopings…. I’ll fly you 1st class to California & @NickyDsss will f*ck yo bum ass up #WhiteboyVSWhiteboy !!!! & if you don’t get yo ass knocked out…. I will fight yo p*ssy ass for FREE in the middle of the street after you sign a waver that you can’t sue me or press charges cause I’m tired of you p*ssy’s talkin tough on the internet then calling the cops & gettin lawyers after you get pounded out !!!! & all these lil 12 & 13 year old opie lookin ass fans you got gone get yo dumb ass hurt out here playing wit grown men !!!!

Hopefully rapper Stitches don’t live up to his name and end up with a bunch of them after their fight.

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