Hang With Curtis: 50 Cent Talks New Artist , Power Season 3, Donald Trump, Police Body Cameras & More

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There is an app called ‘Hang With’ and 50 Cent is taking advantage early on what could become the new social media trend. It allows you to live stream with others, and 50 Cent while under the weather in Los Angeles used the app and gave us a glimpse of some new things he is working on.

Of course he had to say something about Puffy at the beginning. When looking at the bumps on his face, 50 said, “I’m too old for this shit, that’s the shit Puffy told me when we sat down. I’m too old for this shit.” On the music side 50 said he is starting a new roster about to put on new artists. He did not give too much detail but he said there are a few artist he likes but only named dropped Rico Richie.

Rico Richie

Rico Richie

Rico Richie has the hit song ‘Poppin’ right now and it has him on 50 Cent’s radar. Of course music is not all 50 Cent has invested himself into. After the overwhelming success of Power, 50 reveals he has a new show lined up.

He says:

I got a new tv show, man when yall niggas see this new one out here. Shit poppin, I got this shit I know how to do it now, you can’t tell me nothin’.

Not to say Power will be less of a focus as he shows a copy a script it appears and says:

‘Look at that, booyah! Got that season three’

As 50 winds down he is watching the news and makes a distinction between the LA stories and others. “It’s crazy shit everywhere but it’s a different kind of crazy…These niggas killed Biggie and Tupac. This west coast shit crazy son.”

All of this somehow transitioned to the much controversial Donald Trump presidential campaign. Trump’s antics have been unconventional but it has people watching including 50.

I ain’t gonna lie I watched Donald Trump, like his whole shit. I usually don’t watch all that shit. I watch politics but not like that, it’s not my thing. I’m like what is he doing? I don’t know if he even think he gonna win.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Then a story appeared about officers in Los Angeles receiving body cameras. 50 Cent’s feelings are very well made clear about this story when the news anchor asked if the public would ever be able to see the videos.

Hell no they ain’t gonna see the video! They gotta pass laws for that shit to even make sense…All them shits gonna be talkin about the camera malfunctioned, they can’t find the footage. They gonna take the body cam off and beat a nigga ass with the body cam.

It was a very entertaining few minutes watching 50 Cent really just talk about things with his fans. The ‘Hang With’ app could easily become more prominent with videos such as this. There was also a lot of humor to be found in 50 Cent trying to use Theraflu as well, but he eventually figures it out.

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