Happy Birthday Mr. President

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Happy Birthday Mr. President
Obama joked about his advancing age at a cabinet meeting on  Wednesday saying, “I’m going to get some advice from some around the table about how to handle this milestone.” He received birthday wishes throughout the day from many places including his hometown of Chicago and as far away as Eastern Europe. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called to wish Obama Happy Birthday as well as to discuss Russian plans to join the World Trade Organization.
Also, Obama supporters and field organizers held more than 1,100 birthday themed parties across the country. The president planned to host a video teleconference that connected all of those gatherings. Obama told NPR, ” I feel real good about turning 5-0. Obviously I’ve gotten a little grayer since I took this job but otherwise I feel pretty good, and Michelle says she still thinks I’m cute and I guess that’s all that matters isn’t it?”
Only six U.S. presidents have turned 50 while on the job:  Franklin Pierce, Ulysses Grant, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton. Obama is the second President in the past century to turn 50 and has lived through a remarkable half-century.

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