Happy Birthday Necole Bitchie Plus Battle of the Sexes with Lance Gross

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Hip Hop Enquirer would like to take a special moment to wish Celebrity Blogger Necole Bitchie Happy Birthday as we are told she has just turned 30 years old today. Congrats on the launch of her new clothing line “Bitchie Wear” which is slated to hit the showroom later this year. She and her “friend” actor Lance Gross recently completed a photoshoot together for her website necolebitchie.com. They both were very opinionated when it came to dating and relationships. Check out the Battle of The Sexes as these two go head to head on such topics as PDA, Pre-Nups and Putting a Ring On It.

Men are from Mars and Women are definitely from Venus. We think, live and breathe differently. We have different views and opinions on the exact same things and we love to battle it out for the nonexistent title of “Who’s Right?!”


Necole Bitchie says:  If you have sex on the first date, I don’t think it could lead to a healthy relationship. The relationship will revolve around sex.

Lance Gross says: It all depends on how it happens. It varies from person to person. If you conduct yourself like a jump-off, of course there will be problems down the line. I have had sex on the first date, in one case it lead to more than a sexual relationship and in one case it didn’t.

Necole Bitchie says: Sometimes putting titles on a relationship can be tricky. With titles come expectations. For example, my expectations of you as my man will be higher than if you were just my friend and my expectations of you as my husband are going to be higher than if you were just my boyfriend. If you aren’t ready to live up to those expectations that come with those titles then you are better off without them….or remaining “just friends”

Lance Gross says: My views have kind of changed. At first I was all about the titles. If I’m feeling you and we are exclusive to each other, then let’s do it. But now I’m on some shit where I’m like, we don’t really need the title. If we have an understanding and we both know what it is…


Necole Bitchie Says: If I haven’t met his parents and we have been dating for a long time, he’s not that serious about me

Lance Gross says: I don’t introduce a girl to my mom until I know for sure that she’s going to be around. I may introduce her to my dad but I’m not going to just introduce anyone to my mom or my sisters. The women in my family, you definitely have to build yourself up to that point because that’s not a small thing for a guy.

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