Haters Petitioning Blue Ivy’s Hair and Questions Parenting of Jay and Bey

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If you haven’t heard, there’s a petition going around promoting that Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Jay-Z take better care of their beautiful child, Blue Ivy‘s hair on Change.com . The petition, entitled “Comb Her Hair”, has reached nearly 4,000 signatures, in addition to nasty comments about Blue Ivy‘s current natural hair status. Although, it seems to have worked (?). Those who signed the petition, most definitely, have no filter nor shame about the comments they post about the helpless two-year old. As if that weren’t enough, Twitter followers are getting a bit beside themselves. Ruthless comments range from blaming Solange for her poor hair care to complete child neglect from her parents, Bey and Jay. In addition to comments about her hair, they, too, attack the way she dresses, questioning her gender and why her parents dress her like a little boy.

Though the haters keep on coming and coming, they obviously haven’t seen pictures of Blue Ivy sporting other hairstyles aside from her cute little lion’s mane. It was seen earlier in the year (March, more specifically) that rather than rocking her cute natural little afro, like her aunt Solange Knowles, Blue had her hair brushed all the way back in a dainty ballerina style bun in Barcelona, Spain. Blue Ivy was, too, seen out with Mommy, Beyonce, with two adorable side buns in her head.


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