He Just Can’t Let Her Go!! Marc Anthony Drunk Dials JLo?!

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Apparently, Marc Anthony doesn’t want to let Jennifer Lopez go just yet. According to a source at US Weekly, Anthony has been drunk dialing Jennifer and may be Facebook stalking her too. The number of people who liked the statement, “Jennifer Lopez is now single”, is troubling to him. The insider claims “Marc is constantly harassing her, and doesn’t think she’ll go through with the divorce.”

Anthony’s reps are denying these claims. It seems the two are remaining amicable though. They were seen together earlier this month in Southampton NY, spending time with their twins Max and Emme. We don’t know if these claims have any truth to them but maybe Anthony should hide the phone before his next drink, just in case the thought of drunk dialing crosses his mind. I use to drunk dial but then I realized I kept ordering pizza by mistake.

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