Heavy D’s Mother Speaks On Rapper’s Estate & His Brother Floyd Managing It On “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” [Audio]

Heavy D’s Mother Speaks On Rapper’s Estate & His Brother Floyd Managing It On “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” [Audio]


The gossip world was running wild with rumors the past few days about the estate of late Hip-Hop icon Heavy D.

As you recall, Hip-Hop lost Dwight “Heavy D” Myers on November 8, 2011 from a pulmonary embolism and now his brother Floyd has filed court documents to seek control of the estate.

The B.S. started as reports circulated that Floyd was seeking to line his pockets which is so far from the truth. In fact, Heavy’s will was dated before his 13-year-old daughter Xea being born so documents had to be filed so she can receive her father’s possessions as well as take care of a few open business issues including the selling of a condo.

Putting all the shenanigans to rest, Heavy D’s mother, Mrs. Eulahlee Lee Myers sent a letter to Steve Harvey which he read verbatim on The Steve Harvey Morning Show today clearing up the issue and putting the lies to rest. The letter reads:

“Dear Steve,

First I would like to thank you for always being a friend to my son Heavy and the full support you and your team gave during his passing. I’m writing this press release to you exclusively because of some questions that have been raised concerning Heavy’s estate with false derogatory news hitting the media this week regarding his brother’s submission of a petition to administer Heavy’s estate. I’d like to set the record straight through you.

Heavy and Floyd have been working together since they were young teenagers. This close relationship continued through Heavy’s career and through his adult hood. The petition filed through the L.A. courts is to sell a condominium that they owned together since 1998.

California law requires a probate for the sale of the real property to clear the title when someone passes. The probate process is a formality required by the state of California and nothing more.

Heavy D's mother, father and brother Floyd  and Tatyana Ali at a White House event.

Heavy D’s mother, father and brother Floyd and Tatyana Ali at a White House event.

I want to be clear. All of Heavy’s assets are going to his 13-year-old daughter Xea, including his social security, pension, and future royalties. All of Heavy’s personal belongings are in storage for his daughter until she gets a bit older.

Steve, Heavy’s estate needs to be managed. It can not be self-managed or self-administered and it has to be court approved. Open bills, un-finished business, taxes and day-to-day discussions including the plans for his daughter all need to be done. This management needs someone who is capable, smart, honest and close to his family.

We, as a family, all wanted Floyd as that person to represent Dwight’s estate. This decision was made by me as Heavy’s mother, Heavy’s father Cliff, and Heavy’s sister Portia.

Heavy D and his daughter Xea.

Heavy D and his daughter Xea.

Furthermore, we have a great relationship with Xea and her mother and we are all working diligently to raise Xea the way Heavy intended. The Myers family is a close-knit family. Steve, after losing three sons in my lifetime, frivolous assets mean nothing to me or to us. We have always been a close and loving family and we will always be just the way Heavy liked it.

Be inspired,

Eulahlee Lee Myers, Mother

So hopefully all the negative talk will now end is Mrs. Myers has made it clear that it was just a legal formality.

Peep the audio of Steve Harvey reading Mrs. Myers letter below:

heavy d mom

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