Exclusive Interview: B. Stacks Gears Up for New Mixtape Release “Root of All Evil” Hosted by Don Cannon

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Exclusive Interview: B. Stacks Gears Up for New Mixtape Release “Root of All Evil”

b stacks exclusive

B Stacks Exclusive Interview

We had the chance to catch up with one of our favorite rappers in the game right now,  North Carolina own, B. Stacks. The last project he dropped was his highly anticipated Big Business: Vol. 1 which featured production from the likes of Sonny Digital and more.

Now he’s back with his upcoming tape, Root of All Evil, which he says is a lot more “personal and creative” than anything we’ve ever heard from him. B Stacks or B Stizzle as he’s affectionately known by close friends, also talked about what he’s got lined up for 2013 and more. Check out the full interview below!


HHE: So we know that you have the upcoming mixtape, Root of All Evil, which is hosted by DJ Don Cannon, what was your creative process like when putting this mixtape together?

B. Stacks: I’ve always been original, but with this mixtape I recorded it more in an album format with all original music and production. So I took my time with it, and I got up with different producers, and we would build from scratch. I didn’t try to make my music according to what’s going on right now according to industry standards. I just made music according to the feeling and how I wanted to do it, so it was extremely creative. Doing it my way, and not what’s on the radio.

HHE: A couple weeks back we saw you tweet about how ROAE is more a personal mixtape, without mainstream tracks on it. How do you think your fans will respond to that?

B. Stacks: I feel that my fans will love it because they love what I did before. I feel like I’m creating. I’m making it possible for other people to not feel boxed in. They’ll see a growth and maturity, especially people who have been listening to me since my first tape. I feel like this tape will be the tape that distinguishes who I am as an artist. So everything will continue to grow.

HHE: Were there any tracks that really stood out to you on mixtape, like tracks that you consider your “baby”, that you hold really close to you?

B. Stacks: Yeah, I had a few. I have a record on their called “Can I Win”. It actually has my son on the song. He was two at the time. The record was really special to me for one, because I had a pianist come and play the keys and live instruments. It let my fans now what my status is as far as a record deal, and what I’m doing, and why it’s taking this long. I just kinda gave them the scoop on the inside, so it was one of my favorite records.

HHE: What producers and other artists did you work with on this mixtape?

B. Stacks: I actually got a lot of production from different producers, but I wanted to deal with the ones that I had a direct contact with, that I could get up with and build from scratch. So I dealt with a lot of in-house producers. The main producer, was Black Jeruz, he’s a veteran producer in the industry and has blessed some of the biggest names in the game with his tracks. Coincidentally, he is also A & R for this project so it was very important for us to have a creative chemistry to make this a successful endeavor.

When I dealt with other producers, we would go into their beats and give and take from it to make the beat fit how I wanted it to sound for my project.

HHE: Following ROAE, what else can we expect from B. Stacks in 2013. New visuals? More projects?

B. Stacks: Not only was I creative with making music, I was creative with the marketing as well. The tape has actually been done for like 4 months, because I didn’t want to rush it. As far as visuals, I already have four or five videos recorded. So my marketing in 2013 is going to be a bigger transition for me.

Instead of me putting something out and you not hearing from me for four or five months, my release of visuals will be strategically placed in the marketplace to only compliment the songs that I will be releasing over the course of several months.

HHE: Is there an official release date for ROAE yet?

B. Stacks: It’s a first quarter mixtape. I’m scheduling it to drop around the Grammy’s and CIAA in my home state. So I’m just trying to make sure I have everything ready for around those dates. I’m lining everything up so that it’ll be cohesive and once it’s time, we can just press go.

Yesterday, February 7th celebrity DJ and super producer Don Cannon tweeted the following:

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 7.49.38 AM

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