HHE Exclusive Interview: SZA Talks New Music, Fashion & Performing at ONE Music Festival

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ONE Music Fest was an amazing event and one of the stars of the show was TDE’s SZA. Hip Hop Enquirer was able to talk with one of the brightest rising stars in the industry about her new music, fashion sense and her experience performing at ONE Music Fest.

When asked about her experience at ONE Music Fest, SZA said, ‘It was awesome! I love Atlanta, it’s an amphitheater so it’s very different for me but it’s awesome. ‘

Besides her infectious music, her fashion sense has many people noticing and her outfit at ONE Music Fest did not fail to deliver. When asked exactly what her outfit was, which many people were wondering, she gave an answer and a deeper meaning to the ensemble. SZA stated, ‘It’s a ghillie suit so it’s what hunters use to you know? Blend in with the elements…It represents movement and freedom, just the way I feel…shit wavy [laughs]’

What most fans wanted to know was when her first full length album was coming out. She has released three successful EP’s, her most recent Z was her first project under Top Dawg Entertainment. After asking what she has new on the way, SZA replied, ‘I’m finishing up the LP and that is very important to me and I can’t say when it’s coming out but it’s super soon. Cause I’m finally in the like the final, final stages it took me a long time. So long!’

That is news that is sure to please her fan base and SZA is without a doubt one of the artist that everyone should be checking out. She brings a sound, presence and originality that is needed currently.

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