Hip Hop Enquirer Exclusive Interview: Rapper Gunplay Gives Warning to Young Black Men About Wearing Skirts and Painting Their Nails

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In an exclusive interview with Hiphopenquirer, Def Jam recording artist Gunplay spoke with HHE’s Dennis Byron. Gunplay was asked what message he wanted to share with the youth and next generation coming up about making the correct decision. Gunplay was facing a long prison sentence had he not prevailed in the case against him.

Gunplay says:

Time is running out…you think you gonna be young forever, you not! You know what I mean? If you 17, you 18, you 19, you 21. You not young no more. By the time you 21 you should be already knowing what you want to do with your life and if you do know what you want to be doin, perfecting your craft.

He says this because time flies, and as he looks towards a friend of his he wishes he could have told him that years ago. He speaks on how you should not get high…well at least when you got some money to make or a job to do at least.

Don’t get high when you out there trying to make some money. You gonna make wrong decisions and get locked up and you goin be stupid, you know? Get high and go fuck you a bitch, just sit down you not gonna go to jail for doing that…don’t get high and go out in the streets gookin out.

His final message is to the youth is about being followers of what is popular. Not to follow these rappers with no substance in their music and brings up rappers who wear dresses and lipstick and the basically overall image of emasculation.

Don’t waste time, stop wasting time. Stop following these fuckin’ weirdos that have no fuckin’ substance in their music, they music is hollow. They wear dresses, they fuckin’ wear fuckin’ finger nail polish and fuckin’ lipstick and fuckin’ earrings and fuckin’ hang down like my fuckin’ grandma and shit. Stop, follow your heart you are a man! Men listen to real shit, we don’t fuckin’ be weirdos and weird shit. Okay? It’s not the fuckin’ style, it’s not…don’t give a fuck who you listen to it’s not….You a man with a cock of nuts so act like it!

Gunplay is preparing for his debut studio album Living Legend on July 31st. He has the single out now with YG called ‘WAZHANINDOE’.

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